How To Romance Men Ideas For Women

It will come as a shock to many women that you should also be romancing your husband as well.

Here is why: It builds his self esteem and makes him feel loved and cherished. It helps create a stronger

bond between the two of you. Isn’t that reason enough?


Some tips on how to romance your man. The first thing that I recommend is to ask him in what ways

that he would like to be romanced. Every guy will have different ideas about that but flowers are NOT

the way to do it. We simply don’t react to them the way that you do.


Become sexually adventurous and give him sex willingly and lovingly.

Wear lacy and frilly lingerie. It is not slutty but sophisticated. It is time to abandon

those little girl virginal white panties with no lace and by the way cotton panties only belong

on little girls and little old ladies, not sophisticated women like you. Wear a short dress or skirt

when you go out with him and flash him when he opens the car door for you, Most men love looking up

your skirt or dress and seeing panties, it makes our whole day. It is a simple thing that costs you nothing

but pays huge dividends in his love bank.


Instead of always making him approach you for sex, you be the aggressor once in a while. It makes him feel like

he still has it and makes him feel loved and cherished.


Be willing to discuss his and your fantasies and give him the ones you feel comfortable with and he will reciprocate.

Go skinny dipping with him. It will make you and him feel very naughty and the feeling of swimming naked is incredible, everyone

should try it at least once.


Finally give him a treat and wear sexy nightgowns every night not just when you are going to have sex. BTW most men need sex 3-4

times a week, why would you force him to do without sex against his will?


Now how about leaving your favorite way to romance your man in the comments section? For more ideas

ask for my soon to be published book if you will promise to review it when it is published


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